A girl from class took my picture!

As I wrote before, I’ve been having stupid bad back pain. I’ve been mostly trying to ignore it and go about my business, but trying to get through pole classes was too hard. So I’ve (very begrudgingly) stayed away from classes for a while.

It was a really nice surprise then, when I went back to the studio for the first time in a couple of weeks, that a girl from my usual class ran up and said she’d been looking for me. She’d taken my picture during a choreo class. I had no idea! She apologized for being a “stalker” haha but honestly, how sweet is that?! And the picture came out FIERCE. I don’t really have any photos of me just doing my thing, so it was an awesome surprise. Anyway, thanks Jenny!! Here’s the pic–she sent it to me in two filters so credit for the below artistry goes to her, not me.

Jenny pic 2
Jenny pic 1

Oh and here’s me just running through some flow stuff from class. Yeah, I know, it’s the same old same old. I’m feeling stuck, especially with this mysterious back stuff. I want to get going on harder tricks, but inverting (and any kind of prep stuff that I so desperately need to KEEP my invert) kills my back. I’m really not exaggerating when I say I’ve been struggling to get through warm-ups with tears involuntarily leaking out. It has not been a good time.

The GOOD news is: flow stuff doesn’t hurt at all! Weirdly, sitting still actually hurts much, much more than anything I do with climbing or spinning, so that’s encouraging. I also think I’m starting to see ballet paying off in terms of lines and general grace (as always, LONG LIVE BALLET), so, those are a few more good, happy thoughts. I just hope my back either heals itself or just breaks already so I can go to the emergency room, which is all my catastrophic insurance probably covers.

Anybody else ever have back pain? Let’s play “guess the diagnosis”! :p

4 thoughts on “A girl from class took my picture!

  1. Sounds like the same problem as I’m dealing with. In my case it’s a case of tight hip flexors. This does not show up in stretching (I have pretty open hip flexors) but basically sitting all day has shortened them. This leads to pulling on the back muscles which is why it hurts. And that’s why for me sitting still is painful but standing or moving is better.

    I’ve found that foam rolling my back and hip flexors, and stretching hip flexors in a lunge helps get rid of the back pain for class.

    Good luck and hope this back pain goes away for both of us soon!

    1. Wow, that’s really interesting! I’ve been thinking of getting a foam roller for a while and I think this may have just tipped me the rest of the way. It IS strange to me that while walking and moving around feels great, sitting is intensely painful (to the point of numbness sometimes), as it stretching. I think you might be onto something re: shortening… thank you for weighing in!!

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