I’m burnt out and someone pooped on the towels: NOTHING LEFT TO DO HERE.

So, it’s been a strange week.

-I was in Boston, which was GREAT.

-I met a boy, which was okay, and then great, and then meh.

-I got a fantastic opportunity to work on a Bellyqueen show coming up (which is an unbelievable learning experience–BALANCING A CANE ON MY HEAD LIKE A BOSS–but it’s a 6 hour weekly commitment).

And thus… I’ve made it to exactly 2 pole classes in two weeks. 😐


Oh, and then to put a cherry on top of a banner week, in the last two minutes of my 10 hour work day at my gym job over the weekend, I opened a washing machine full of our towels and discovered someone had shit on them.

Like literally.

Somebody shit on the towels.

I have a lot of questions about this, but mainly the situation just made me instantly really tired. Like, seriously? So close to going home and now I have to figure out what to do with an arm full of wet, shitty towels?

(We threw them away, in case you were wondering. But not before I had an existential moment in the laundry room, just staring at them with my mouth open).

Anyway, I’m really focused on learning tons of new choreo for the Bellyqueen show, working extra hours at my nights-and-weekends-job (so I can afford the time off from my day job that the show rehearsals require), and as much as I want to be in the pole studio I’m just so… exhausted. I caaaaaaaaaan’t.

The one class I took last week (SIX DAYS AGO… I HAVE NOT TOUCHED A POLE IN SIX DAYS) was great, but I made it suck because I was mentally checked out. Ie. not trying very hard, giving up quickly, being kind of a whiny pain in the ass… (“it huuuuuuuurts!”)

It’s just that when I’m tired, pole feels felt like one more item to tick on my to-do list before I can watch SATC with a sandwich and collapse.

(NB: My desire to watch SATC all the time when I’m burnt out is extra ironic because Chris Noth lives in the building I work at. So I’ll just look at him like GOD CHRIS NOTH CAN YOU PLEASE JUST LEAVE SO I CAN GO HOME AND WATCH YOU HURT SARAH JESSICA PARKER’S FEELINGS???). Eh. I just want what I want, okay?

Bad attitude, I know.

And yet I haven’t adjusted it. Even now I’m like lol I won’t be able to do a push up in a week if I keep this up, too bad, guess I won’t change anything I’m doing! SANDWICHES AND NETFLIX PLS.

Maybe I just need a lil’ more rest and I’ll be back in the game soon. I hope. If not, someone please help force me 😐

The funny thing is, I’m still poling in my head constantly and finding lots of great new music (playlist coming soon). So until then, I HEARD THIS SONG AND I CAN’T WAIT TO FLOW TO IT WHEN I GET MY ACT TOGETHER: (ps. is it just me or is Marvin Gaye having a moment?)

Happy twirls!


6 thoughts on “I’m burnt out and someone pooped on the towels: NOTHING LEFT TO DO HERE.

  1. oh my god and I thought I had a bad week =/ Make sure you rest girly, You work too hard and dealing with that kind of…shit… is bound to make you feel rubbish! It might not help force you but I missed you while you were gone. Fave blog I’m subscribed to =] I hope you are feeling a bit better Cathy.
    Bev xx

    1. Awww, what a lovely note πŸ™‚ Thanks, Bev! Unfortunately/fortunately, my role as an understudy in the belly dance show has been bumped up to an actual, guaranteed part, so I’ve been shimmying my butt off trying to learn everything!! The show’s over after 10/5 though so I’ll be back soon enough. Thanks for missing me a little, it made my day!! πŸ˜€ Hope the poling is coming well and the bruising has died down? xoxo Cathy

      1. thats awesome! belly dancing is one of those things that I think would be AMAZING but I’m such a tummy hater that I don’t think I could ever bring myself to even try lol!!
        I’m glad to have made your day lady! you’ve gotten me through some pretty bad pole days =] least I can do =p
        Pole is…slowly getting there, I can do a backwards spin now which was really messing with me because its kinda unnatural lol. I can carousel…mostly. Its brief but I can do it lol and I can do most of the basic spins we got taught in the first few classes, I’ve just started climbs and learning to invert so bruises are permanent fixtures right now, I got Arnica tablets, They help apparently lol! I got pole at home now too!! best thing I ever bought =]
        How is the shimmying your butt off and learning everything going? xx

      2. omg I feel you on the tummy hating–definitely my least favorite part of the whole thing, lol! I’m usually the only girl the in the room in a t-shirt at practice, haha. so awesome that you got your new spins!!! inverts are bruise central at first, but once you get them you’re golden. and congrats on the pole!!!! 50/45? spin/static? shimmying my butt off is kind of going horribly, because everyone else actually LEARNED the routines, whereas I’m kinda jumping in and trying to pick up on it as I go. Which is especially hard because, whoops, never learned how to balance a sword on my knee while doing hip drops 😐 but I’m getting there!

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